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Get Looping with Vidami

Hi Everyone

I hope you’re all well and finding the time to practice!!

We have some fantastic news to share with you. When we started 18 years ago, we had hoped that one day in the future as technology advanced, we would be able to offer our students as perfect an online learning experience as possible. Well we believe that day has finally arrived. We’d like to introduce you to Vidami!!

We found this amazing product by chance. Initially it could only be used for YouTube videos. We knew we had to reach out to the developers and see if we could encourage them to make it function for our BreakDownWay video lessons. They agreed that it was the perfect fit for our website and voila, it now works like a charm with our lessons!

With Vidami you can pause, fast forward, rewind, choose from 5 speeds and best of all, loop whatever segment of the lesson you may be working on at your chosen speed. You can view a demo video below.

All of that while still holding your guitar with both hands. It’s a foot pedal! It works seamlessly with Safari or Google Chrome with an easy installation of the Vidami Extension. Hooking it up to your laptop or desktop is simple using a USB port. It just can’t get any better!!

We strongly encourage you to purchase a Vidami as it will extremely enhance your experience on BreakDownWay. The time saved is amazing and it really allows you to stay focused, easily play along with the instructor and get a lot more done!

Vidami has offered to give us a 10% discount if you would like to purchase one and this offer will last through Sept 3rd. Simply enter this discount code: BreakDownWay10 at the following link:

Thank you again for your loyalty to BreakDownWay.

Stay safe and practice!!(hopefully with the help of your new Vidami)

David Wolff

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