Fur Peace Ranch

David Wolff

In terms of identifying the founding fathers of BreakDownWay.com, David Wolff is the "Thomas Jefferson" to Jorma's "George Washington."

He began listening to Jorma's music at the age of 15 and can clearly remember the very day he heard this wonderful music for the very first time, and fondly recalls closing his eyes in a futile attempt to imagine how one man could be responsible for all the sounds that were produced. That was the moment he began his own personal musical oddessy, knowing in his heart he just simply HAD to learn how to play like that.

David spent many years of his youth following Jorma around the country, pen and pad in hand taking "notes" attempting to emulate his moves. He became good friends with the musical juggernaut and eventually an idea was born; online guitar lessons with Jorma on a site called BreakDownWay.com.

Jorma of course is a busy man, so David took it upon himself to begin "breaking down" some of the popular songs from Jorma's set list to present to the students in a clear and understandable style. He then, somewhat by accident created the "Time Bender" technology that allows BreakDownWay.com students to slow down original recordings without changing the actual pitch, a nifty little trick that helps students learn the songs slowly then build their speed. David then posted his lessons on the site in an effort to bring even more of Jorma's music to the students.